About the handymanchef blog


This is my handymanchef blog – thank you for looking.  I am sorry if it is a bit jumbled at the moment – I am not used to the system and I have really no idea what I am doing but I am going to make a start.

This blog is about the things I like to do.  It is about my interests, my skills, my baking and cooking, my recipes, and the things I make in wood, metal, or indeed using flour, butter, eggs, etc.

I could not be classed as a professional at the things I show within this blog, although I do have some professional skills.  I am more a very keen amateur handymanchef.

I am quite creative by nature, which has its positives and negatives.  For example, when it comes to creating and designing things, I am good at that, but when it comes to following a recipe, that is sometimes a different matter.  I guess you all know that baking is about science and chemistry.  Things have to be in balance.  For example, you can’t just put an extra 50g of cocoa powder into a cake batter just because you like chocolate, and expect it to come out properly!

I hope to bring you a whole host of different things – ALL of which I will have made.

It is my goal to share the things I create with you all.  I will be bringing you lots of my ‘Makes’ and ‘Bakes’, with full colour pictures and explanations of what the items are and more importantly how they were made, with recipes whenever possible.



4 thoughts on “About the handymanchef blog

    1. handymanchef Post author

      Hi Tracy I tried to send you 2 messages through your website but I don’t know if they have worked. I have read on your Instagram stuff and on your website that you use a Kitchen Aid mixer. I bought myself one a month or so ago in the hope that it would help me mix my doughs and save me lots of backache. Unfortunately, what happens is, the dough ‘balls up’ around the dough hook and it goes for a ride. Even though Artisan have designed this ‘planetary’ spin system, it doesn’t seem to work for bread doughs. I normally put 500 grams (around 1 lb) in the bowl at any one time. Even though Kitchen Aid say the bowl will take up to 1 kilo, it doesn’t stretch or knead the dough as is needed for bread doughs. Have you had any experience with this, and do you have any tips to alleviate my problem? All the besthandymanchef > Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 16:38:27 +0000 > To: handymanchef@live.co.uk >

    2. handymanchef Post author

      Hi again,I really want to try making your croissants – but I don’t understand “Cups” can you give me the weights I need in grams (or ounces) please.
      p.s. I do like the tutu you made!
      handymanchef 😉

      > Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 16:38:27 +0000
      > To: handymanchef@live.co.uk


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